How the US and NATO prepare for war with Russia

In the new National Security Strategy and the updated nuclear doctrine of the United States, Russia has been described as one of the main threats for America. At the same time, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Joseph Dunford, believes that Russia represents a "huge threat" for the United States as a nuclear power. At the January NATO conference in Brussels, he said that the expansion of the military alliance in Europe is in line with the US national security strategy toward Russia.

NATO is confident in the aggressiveness of Moscow, where Russia is considered the main enemy of Europe. The Commander-in-Chief of the NATO Joint Armed Forces in Europe, General Curtis Scaparotti, said that Russia's political leadership wants to regain its influence in Europe by modernizing weapons, redeploying troops, increasing the level of professionalism of personnel and strengthening the combat capabilities of troops. Mr. Scaparrotti believes that the European command of NATO should have so many missile defense systems and facilities that will allow commanders of all levels to track the locations of large formations of Russian troops and control all their movements in order to ensure timely response of the US armed forces to their actions. According to him, the United States needs to increase the number of its troops in Europe, and the US military units deployed on a rotational basis must remain in Europe permanently.

The head of the Pentagon, James Mattis, spoke in favor of expanding the powers of the military. According to him, the US must build up its armed forces in order to prepare for a possible confrontation with Russia. According to him, the US must build up its armed forces in order to prepare for a possible confrontation with Russia. One of main tasks of Pentagon is the task of reducing the timeframe for transferring military contingents from the US to Europe, dispersing them across countries bordering on Russia, and creating a unified grouping of units of all combat arms in one direction.

It should be noted that after the Crimea joined Russia and the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine, the alliance has significantly increased the activity of the exercises on its eastern flank - the Baltic Sea, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland and other European countries. 2017 was marked by an unprecedented number of military exercises by NATO countries at sea, in the air and on land. These actions are justified by protection the population from "Russian aggression".

NATO is also consistently advancing its infrastructure and armed forces to Russia's borders. In January 2015, the European Command of the US Armed Forces sent to Eastern Europe (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania and Bulgaria) the so-called monitoring groups to determine the location of tanks and other weapons. In March, the US began a massive re-opening and dispatch of armored vehicles to Poland and the Baltic states. Also, as part of the strengthening of NATO's military presence in Europe and ensuring the possibility of rapidly building up its ground forces, the US plans to additionally deploy armored vehicles and equipment, as well as command and control units in the region. Analysts calculated that just over the western borders of Russia the "fist" of tanks will hang, the number of which almost exactly coincides with the plan of "Barbarossa" of Hitler.

The military infrastructure created by NATO in Europe also makes it possible to transfer prepared personnel from the nearest American military base Ramstein in Germany to Russia's borders in just two hours. The air base also serves as the headquarters of the US Air Force in Europe and the command center of the United Air Defense Forces of NATO countries. In addition to it, the Pentagon supports several hundred smaller bases in Europe. At the same time, Poland becomes the main transport hub. A powerful logistical knot of the alliance is already being created on the basis of the Polish Air Force near the village of Povidz.

In the summer of 2015, the activity of the US Marine Corps increased in Europe, which expanded its presence there, considering the prospect of an armed clash with Russia. In the summer of 2017, the Marine infantrymen learned to conduct combat "with the Russians" in Eastern European cities on a specially "decorated" Camp-Ledzhen military base. Enemies of the Marines in the script were Russian-speaking "rebels" and the RF Armed Forces. The organizers called this scenario "The Third World War". In the late autumn, intensive training of US Marine Corps servicemen began for military operations with Russia. In winter, the High Command of the Corps began talking about the "already going" war. This was announced by the US Marine Corps Commander, General Robert Neller, a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. According to him, marines are involved in information and political struggle.

The US is preparing for a Europe war with Russia. Cyber-warfare has been launched in the Baltic countries since the end of last year. According to a number of signals received from Estonia, NATO experts are preparing to inflict damage to Russian mobile communications, electro-communications, computer, banking and utilities infrastructure. In 2018, Washington increased the funding of the European Reinsurance Initiative program by 41% to provide an enhanced US military presence in Europe and the North Atlantic. In January, the US Senate approved the allocation of funds to Ukraine for defense and lethal weapons. The Western military alliance accelerates development the Ukrainian army, helps it with military advisers (which in fact lead the Ukrainian army), builds NATO bases in the Odessa region, conducts exercises in the Black Sea. Information was received about the launch of a new missile weapon in Ukraine, but American missiles are delivered under the guise of Ukrainian ones.

The US military doctrine postulates that Russia wants and is ready to strike at America's allies in Europe, and it will be ready to use nuclear weapons. According to American strategists, the advantage in the conventional armed forces will be on the side of the Alliance, and the Russian Armed Forces "will be defeated because only a small part of them are well prepared and equipped." Because of this, the Russians, according to the Americans, will be tempted to use nuclear weapons first. At the same time, the US military does not hide the fact that there is also a global

Russia's conques plan, not the political one through the fifth column in the Kremlin and the economic one through sanctions, but military one.

Meanwhile, Moscow has repeatedly stressed that Russia will never attack any of the countries of the alliance. However, the United States and its NATO allies are using the opportunity to deploy more equipment and battalions near Russian borders. NATO created military bases in the neighboring countries of Russia, which, of course, became the basis for increasing the budget and the potential of the Russian army. Russian analysts believe that Washington should seriously think about this. The third world war will not be only in Europe. The United States, which has always fought only abroad, will also become a theater of war. Nevertheless, the United States believes that it is obligated to stop at all costs Russia, which by its actions in Syria, and before that in the Crimea and Ukraine changes the American status quo. Americans are going to a great war to preserve hegemony. Supreme goal of the United States is world, military and economic domination. Russia, as a stepping stone to China's conquest, is much better than killing the proud North Korea.

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