Competitiveness of Russian weapons

US President D. Trump is constantly talking about the superiority of American weapons. For example, during his tour to Asia in November 2017, Trump said that the US is doing the best weapons in the world, and "there is nothing even close to these". Meanwhile, Russia demonstrates the competitive capabilities of its weapons. In the summer of 2017, two large-scale forums were held in Russia, where all the latest innovations of Russian military equipment were presented: the MAKS airshow and the Army 2017. The country also intends to participate in all international exhibitions and shows of the latest models of military weapons.

In particular, Russia took part in the Defense and Security Exhibition and Conference 2017, held in Bangkok from November 6 to 9, under the patronage of the Thai government and the Ministry of Defense. This exhibition traditionally gathers leading manufacturers and customers of armament and military equipment of the ground forces, navy, aviation and air defense, and Russia intends to participate in all tenders in Thailand for the purchase of military products. When the Thai side announced a tender for delivery of attack helicopters, Rosoboronexport JSC took part in this tender with helicopters Ka-52 and Mi-35M.

Russia also participated in the exhibition "Dubai Airshow 2017" that took place on November 12-16 in the UAE, where full-scale exhibits from more than 50 countries were demonstrated. The Russian concern Almaz-Antey presented models of anti-aircraft missile systems and complexes of various ranges: the S-400 Triumph system, the Pantsir-C1 anti-aircraft missile gun system, the Buk-M2E air defense missile system, the Tor various modifications, portable Igla-S and Verba missile systems, as well as radar stations. The enterprises of Rosoboronexport exhibited modern models of aviation equipment: combat helicopters Ka-52 and Mi-28NE, Mi-171Sh military transport helicopter, Mi-35M transport and combat helicopter, Yak-130 combat training aircraft, MiG-29M multipurpose fighter, Su-35 multipurpose super maneuverable fighter". At the same time, the Russian Vityaz aviation group performed in the sky of Dubai: the four Su-30SM heavy fighters showed the highest group aerobatics.

It should be noted that among the whole range of Russian armaments and military equipment, the most popular are multi-purpose fighters, combat and transport-combat helicopters, armored vehicles, artillery systems, anti-aircraft missile systems and air defense systems, as well as radio electronic systems. This list includes many samples of Russian weapons successfully tested in Syria.

One of these weapons is the S-400 Triumph system, one of the most advanced anti-aircraft missile systems. It is designed to destroy all modern and perspective means of air attack, including aircraft, using stealth technology, and can be used in different weather conditions day and night in all geographical latitudes, as well as in space. The system ensures the conduct of combat operations both independently and in cooperation with command posts. This Russian air defense system is sometimes called the "killer of European missile defense" for the accuracy and speed of response, because the American system "Patriot" even in the newest version of PAC-3 is inferior to it in tactical and technical characteristics. The S-400 is the best that is available today in the world of long-range air defense systems, and there are no other analogues.

Russia's capabilities in the field of aviation are also highly appreciated. An example is the multi-purpose front-line supersonic MiG-29 fighter. These aircraft are operated in more than 25 countries around the world, in which MiG-29 became the main type of lightweight front-line fighter of the national air force. The Western media called the Russian MiG-29 a fighter that "drove NATO crazy." According to their testimony, this aircraft equipped with the most modern missiles can outrun any NATO fighter. Modified MiG-29s also got the opportunity to use missiles as "air-to-air" and "air-to-surface". A multipurpose super-maneuverable MiG-35 fighter was created on the basis of the MiG-29, the characteristics of which are as close as possible to the aircraft of the 5th generation.

However, the most modern fighter aircraft of Russia is now the multi-purpose super maneuverable Su-35 fighter. This aircraft can lose speed and take almost any position in space, in any ranges and at any angles of attack, to reach the target and remain stable. The Su-35 is a universal fighter capable of detecting, tracking and attacking eight targets at the same time, and becoming invisible through the station of active interference. In terms of capabilities, the Su-35 surpasses most foreign models, that were showed by operation and combat use in Syria. It was called "an excellent and dangerous aircraft" in foreign publications. Modification of the Su-35 is the Su-35S, the most powerful Russian multipurpose combat aircraft. Only the fifth-generation fighter T-50 will be able to surpass this aircraft. But even with the T-50, the Su-35S fighter will be a very effective combat aircraft with a great modernization potential. At the same time, the magazine "Stern" notes that the Russian Su-35S is considered to be the most dangerous fighter in the world today, except for the US aircraft of the 5th generation F-22.

The operation of Russia in Syria confirmed the high combat capabilities of Russian military equipment. The Su-35 together with the S-400 gives Russia the opportunity to protect its aircraft at any point in the Middle East region. At the same time during the fighting, many samples of modern and modernized weapons were tested, which showed high efficiency.

During the analysis of the combat use of the T-90A tank in Syria, there were no combat damage and operational failures of the tank, it showed a high degree of protection. For example, US anti-tank missile did not cause significant damage. In addition, the T-90 series tank surpasses foreign analogues in terms of firepower, mobility, power reserve, reliability and maintainability. It is called a "flying tank" for its technical characteristics. US always claimed that Abrams tanks are the best in the world, now they call the T-90 a similar tank and note that the technological development of the Abrams tank has already reached its limit. At the same time, T-90 is the most low-profile tank in the world and much lighter than all modern Western analogues, which makes it possible to be barely noticeable on the battlefield and transported by rail throughout Europe, unlike foreign tanks.

Meanwhile, American experts are seriously concerned about the combat capability of the US Army's Rapid Reaction Force in Europe. Specialists came to the conclusion that they are insufficiently staffed, trained and organized, and therefore will not be able to resist the Russian army in the case of a conflict. In particular, the armored car "Hammer" is outdated and may become an "easy prey" for Russian armored personnel carriers. At the same time, experts complain that 300 new military vehicles planned for the US Army will not be equipped with 30-millimeter guns, whose presence would be "highly desirable". One more problem for the US military in the confrontation with Russian troops may be the means of electronic warfare. Especially, the Russian military can effectively neutralize the GPS system at a distance of 50 miles. Thus, comparing the capabilities of military equipment and weapons, as well as of US and Russian troops, it can be said that Russian armament today is not only a worthy competitor to the US weapons, but also exceeds it in many respects.

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