A corruption scandal in Japan

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is at the center of a corruption scandal, which can lead a resignation of the politician. According to Japanese media, the head of the Cabinet assisted the ultra-nationalist school Moritomo Gakuen in a shady deal, a privatization of the ground area.

Abe was rarely accused of nationalism. In fact, he is closely linked with the ultra-rights. This organization was funded by his wife. The investigation of the purchase deal has led to a debate about whether Japan to rebuild its army and to reconsider the attitude to the crimes of the World War II.

Japan has been discussing on the revision of the 9th article of the Japanese Constitution since the return of Prime Minister Abe to power in 2012.

The Ultra purchased the ground area for one-tenth its market value and built a Patriotic school where cultivate the idea of xenophobia and militarism in an early age children. In particular, the school management sent to parents of pupils the negative letters on the characteristics of Koreans and Chinese. In addition, the video was published in "Internet", showed that the children during some sport competition was staying in rank and screaming out the nationalist slogans: "Japanese adults need to make sure that South Korea and China will regret in the Japan charges of various crimes!", "South Korea and China should refrain from the lying in their history books!", "Come On, Abe! We are happy that you have made a law that extends the powers of the Self-Defense Forces abroad!"

Yasunori Kagoike, head of a nationalist school suggested that secretly got from premiere’s wife a million Japanese yen.

Details of the curriculum for senior classes remain unclear, but the potential to be controversial. The ultra-right "Nippon Kaigi" denies the Japan war crimes during the WWII and fights for the right to suspend the Constitution in case of emergency. It is interesting, that many influential Japanese people, for example, members of the Imperial family support it.

Shinzo Abe has been urging in vain to return the Japanese army the de facto for the five years. It is exactly disadvantageous for him relations with such radical nationalists. Abe formally denied the funding of the ultra-rights. Unfortunately for him, the head of the school was not ready to accompany. "I wonder why the people, who have supported my school, suddenly turned back and left me alone. But I will not allow to throw me, like a lizard loses its tail", he said.

The case started not without participation of the political opposition, turned to Abe burdensome legal consequences. Nationalist Kagoike confirmed under oath in the court his words about the financing. The Prime Minister and his wife claim libel, but their positions don't look so hard.

Moreover, the Defense Minister Tomomi Inada’s links with nationalists were found. She is semi-believe the successor to Abe. As it turned out, in 2004 the future head of Department was a lawyer of same nationalists.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe may leave his post. On his page on Facebook, the politician promised to resign if the incrimination of the land deal and the financing of the nationalists will confirm.

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