About project.

Many people believe that our country is steadily losing national self-awareness, true values, that science and culture are dying away. It is considered that young people are strangers to interests of Russia, seeking for Western ideals.

All these are trite and incorrect stereotypes.

The main goal of our project is to disprove it.

We are for the truth and impartiality in covering the events.

We are against "export" of western democracy; we are for developing of ours.

We are against racism and chauvinism in any manifestation; we are for liberty and equality.

We love our country, but we respect the interests of the others.

We are looking for the truth.

Besides, we ask You to help us and leave Your comments.

Our mailbox: nbgroup@yandex.ru


Chief editor - Vladimir Svetlov

Deputy chief editor - Pavel Mayorov

Key contributor - Sergey Kostrikov

Contributor - Vyacheslav Satrapenko

Contributor - Dmitry Rybkin

Contributor - Vladislav Polskikh

Contributor - Donata Davydova

Contributor - Larisa Vladimirova

Contributor - Alexander Kaluzhny


Technical editor - Pavel Mayorov


The articles on the website are based on the information from the open Russian and foreign Mass Media, including printed publications and Internet editions.